Architecture & Design

We are happy to work together with leading architectural bureaus and interior designers, as well as we work as architectural bureau and interior designers ourselves involving leading specialists as part of our project teams.

Since we create technically and technologically saturated environments, it is a vital necessity for us to have architects and interior designers within our project team. We need to create buildings and premises that are equally aesthetic, comfortable, and safe and cost efficient.   

Without in-house architects and interior designers we will never produce technical solutions compatible with someone’s creative vision. Otherwise, creative people can produce dare visual ideas, but cannot deliver them as don’t know what kind of technical framework may be needed, so bright and spacious interiors can suffer of lack of fresh air or uncomfortable summer and winter temperatures.

Our goal is to facilitate design process by creating a platform where bright and original ideas will be implemented in most appropriate and smart way.

If you work with young and talented architects and interior designers, come to us: we know how to transform their rock drawing type sketches into formal working documentation.


APT Group projects portfolio: